Multi-Purpose Servers

Need powerful server options? Check out our wide range of multi-purpose servers — delivering the best and latest technologies. Our servers feature 1-, 2-, 4- options, with expanded memory capacity and the latest multiprocessors from Intel and AMD.

Red Barn servers are built with the latest processor technologies available from Intel and AMD.

Intel Xeon scalable
The new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors include advanced features that are designed into the silicon to improve throughput and speed up data compression, while lowering power consumption. These enhancements include higher per-core performance, greater memory bandwidth/capacity, expanded I/O, and several new first-time platform integrations.

Intel Xeon 4th & 5th Gen
The 4th Gen Intel Xeon significantly boosts data center capabilities with its advanced accelerators for AI, analytics, and computing challenges. It offers up to 2.9x performance per watt efficiency, up to 70-watt power savings, and significantly lower TCO. The 5th Gen builds on this, emphasizing efficiency, AI performance, and security, continuing Intel's commitment to innovation and sustainability in data center technology.

AMD EPYC 7003 Series
The AMD EPYC 7003 Series, featuring Zen 3 architecture, brings advanced server capabilities with up to 64 cores, PCIe Gen4, and enhanced security. It's designed for high-performance computing across various applications.

AMD EPYC 9004 Series
The 4th Gen AMD EPYC 9004 Series, "Genoa", expands this with up to 128 Zen 4 cores, targeting a range of data center needs from general computing to edge solutions. It emphasizes performance, efficiency, and security, setting new benchmarks in enterprise and technical computing performance.

Multi-Purpose Servers image

Multi-Purpose Servers Options:

Processors Intel Xeon 1, 2, 4 or AMD Epyc 1 or 2 CPU
Management Integrated KVM with dedicated LAN
Power Supply Up to 93% High-Efficiency Power Supply Redundancy options available
RAID Controllers LSI/Broadcom, Intel, Microsemi or Areca SAS/SATA controllers
Form Factor 1U to 4U Tower Rackmount or Pedestal
Memory Requrements/ Capacity Supports up to 12TB
Interconnects Ethernet, InfiniBand
Storage Multiple Hot Swap options
Operating System Linux or Windows