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Storage Servers High performance computing workloads generate massive amounts of data — creating the challenge of where to store that data. To meet today's demands and ensure data availability and recovery, today's data storage options must be extremely scalable, cost effective, and easy to manage.

With this in mind, Red Barn Technology Group designs storage servers using a carefully selected combination of products to provide our customers with a wide variety of best-in-class storage servers.

If you are looking for more than a standalone storage server, Red Barn will work with you to build a storage solution based on popular commercial or open source applications, using a selection of hard drives, direct attached storage RAID systems, distributed file systems, Storage Area Networking (SAN) solutions, and Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions. We utilize a variety of storage software and file system technologies, including Ceph, Hadoop, Gluster, Lustre, and BeeGFS, to provide the best cloud and scale-out storage solutions that meet demanding HPC, Big Data, and AI requirements.

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