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Experience a significant boost in application performance with the use of GPU accelerators.

By leaving sequential computations to the CPU and moving parallel computations to GPUs such as NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU accelerators, performance increases exponentially. Through the use of accelerators, many applications run up to 250 times faster than comparable performance on a CPU processor. Red Barn Technology Group designs enterprise-level GPU servers built on industry-leading platforms and offered in a variety of form factors to meet your complex computing needs. Additionally, we are happy to customize a high performance server solution to meet more demanding customer requirements.

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Turn to Red Barn Technology Group for powerful server options, with features that include:

  • Support for NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs
  • Industry-standard non-proprietary hardware
  • Drivers and development kit pre-installed
  • Fully customizable personal supercomputers, servers, and clusters
  • Up to 5 accelerated devices in a workstation and 8 devices in a server
  • Custom exterior logos upon request

For more information on our accelerated computing products, please check out the latest from NVIDIA®.

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