Intel Xeon 4th and 5th Gen

Lead with Intel: Breakthrough Speeds and Energy Efficiency for Next-Generation Computing.

Unleash Scientific Excellence with EPYC Performance

Intel's 5th Gen Xeon processors redefine computational benchmarks for scientific professionals, offering a seamless blend of performance and efficiency. Engineered for complex problem-solving, these processors deliver up to 42% better AI performance and feature built-in AI accelerators like IntelĀ® Advanced Matrix Extensions (IntelĀ® AMX), ensuring peak performance for deep learning inference and training. With support for faster memory and a larger last-level cache, they facilitate real-time analytics and insights, driving innovation in fields ranging from genomics to climate science. The 5th Gen Xeon's compatibility with 4th Gen processors simplifies system upgrades, making it the cornerstone for future-proof scientific computing.