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High-Density Servers

Equip your data center with high performance servers that provide the power and flexibility needed to tackle the most challenging workloads.

Red Barn Technology Group offers a full line of high-density servers that pack more system power into a smaller footprint to provide OPEX savings, while delivering improved performance for highly parallelized workloads such as Financial modeling, weather forecasting, digital rendering, seismic analysis, and many other applications.

Our systems feature the fastest, most powerful technology available, utilizing industry-standard provisioning and management tools. Red Barn high-density servers are offered in a variety of form factors and brands to meet your specific needs. If you don't find what you want in our Store, contact us to create a turnkey system that delivers the ecosystem you need (see below).

Red Barn also offers turnkey systems designed for particular applications, and with the same high performance and quality. Many customers select bundled turnkey systems that include the hardware, pre-loaded software and operating system, and accessories that are pre-defined to fit their specific applications. To learn more about our customized turnkey solutions, view our ecosystem diagram below or contact us today to discuss your specific needs.

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Cluster Diagram

For more information on our server technologies, please check out the latest from Intel and NVIDIA.

To configure your system now, visit our Store or Contact Us today.

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