NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU Platforms for HPC and AI

Accelerate your most demanding HPC and AI workloads with NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs. The latest generation of NVIDIA® GPUs delivers high performance, improved power efficiency, new compute features, and simplified GPU programming specifically designed to accelerate deep learning systems and numerous applications. NVIDIA® Tesla® accelerators are delivering the horsepower needed to run very complex simulations and accelerating applications, including speech, image and text recognition systems, financial modeling, drug discovery, and more.

The Most Advanced Data Center GPU Ever Built

Powered by the NVIDIA® Volta architecture, the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 accelerator is the world’s most advanced data center GPU for accelerating AI, HPC, and graphics workloads. Tesla® V100 offers the performance of up to 100 CPUs in a single GPU — enabling data scientists, researchers, and engineers to tackle computing challenges that were once thought impossible. View Data Center GPU Applications Catalog.
Key features of the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 include:

  • A new streaming multiprocessor architecture optimized for Deep Learning
  • Second-generation NVIDIA® NVLink™ high-speed interconnect that nearly doubles the total bandwidth
  • A memory subsystem that delivers 1.5x the memory bandwidth over Pascal
  • Volta Multi-Process Service (MPS) for hardware acceleration that triples the MPS client over Pascal
  • Improved performance per watt, and much more
Tesla® Volta V100 Datasheet

Tesla® Volta V100 Performance Guide

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