Ring Topology Kit (rev. 100)

  • 1 x Gb/s LAN management port
  • Dedicated for 2U 4-Node Purley & Naples (H261) server systems

Multi-Server Management

GIGABYTE’s H-Series Servers feature the ability to create a “ring” connection for monitoring & management of all servers (incl. chassis-level & node-level) in a rack (including iKVM support) with an onboard LAN hub and dual MLAN ports*. Only two ToR (Top of Rack) switch connections are needed to create the ring system, and the ring will not be broken even if one server in the chain is shut down, reducing cabling and switch port usage for greater cost savings and management efficiency.

* Standard feature for H281-PE0; optional feature of all other H-Series models by adding Ring Topology Kit (P/N: 6NH23NR48SR-00)

Typical Network Topology
Using CMC & Ring Topology Kit