Intel Xeon E-2200


Intel® Xeon® E processors deliver essential performance and advanced security technologies for entry server solutions, professional workstations, and secure cloud services. Available with integrated Intel® UHD Graphics and certifications for top workstation applications.

Weight N/A

2224 3.4GHz 8M 4C 4T, 2224G 3.5GHz 8M 4C 4T, 2234 3.6GHz 8M 4C 8T, 2226G 3.4GHz 12M 6C 6T, 2244G 3.8GHz 8M 4C 8T, 2236 3.4GHz 12M 6C 12T, 2246G 3.6GHz 12M 6C 12T, 2274G 4.0GHz 8M 4C 8T, 2276G 3.8GHz 12M 6C 12T, 2286G 4.0GHz 12M 6C 12T, 2278G 3.4GHz 16M 8C 16T, 2288G 3.7GHz 16M 8C 16T