RS720Q-E8-RS12 is our high density 2U server with efficiency and airflow optimized beyond all previous generations. With the latest CPU technology for maximum processing performance and a modular design for ease of installation and maintenance, RS720Q-E8-RS12 is ideal for high-end enterprise, high-performance computing (HPC) clusters, datacenters and cloud-computing environments.

Exceptional high-density computing power

RS720Q-E8-RS12 has four nodes, eight CPUs and up to 64 DIMMs, offering up to 112 cores and 4 Teraflops Max Theoretical Peak Performance*. This exceptional high-density computing power makes RS720Q-E8-RS12 the premium choice for situations that demand the highest IO throughput and number-crunching power.
* Max Theoretical Peak Performance (DP FLOPS) = 2 sockets x (#cores) x (freq) x (16 DP FLOPS)

1+1 expansion in a node

RS720Q-E8-RS12 computing node has flexible expandability with one low-profile PCI Express 3.0 x16 slot (x16 link) plus one proprietary PCI Express 3.0 x8 slot (x8 link) (supports for ASUS 10G and InfiniBand card). This proprietary slot applies a module design that allows more flexibility for node arrangement.

The server that keeps its cool with high power efficiency

Cooling is a critical concern in many environments, so RS720Q-E8-RS12 is equipped with an advanced thermal solution. With ASUS special design of funnel shape air duct, RS720Q-E8 could lead the air flow to the components for heat dissipation and offers better air flow than ever. ASUS engineers also carefully considered RS720Q-E8-RS12’s cable placement, ensuring neat-and-tidy routing for optimal cooling efficiency and heat dissipation. It’s even possible to adjust the fan speed manually, so you have flexible choice to meet different working environment.

Premium components for premium efficiency

RS720Q-E8-RS12 benefits from premium components hand-chosen and carefully arranged by ASUS engineers to provide premium efficiency. With ASUS Beat Thermal Chokes, Dr. MOS and 1+1 80 PLUS 1620 W Platinum power supplies, it delivers great durability and up to 94% power efficiency for HPC applications. The 1+1 power supply design allows the server to keep working even if one power supply requires maintenance, enabling uninterrupted operation. RS720Q-E8-RS12 has durable 12k solid capacitors that are able to withstand up to 12,000 hours of high ambient temperatures. These 12K capacitors also boast lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) for increased efficiency and minimal heat generation.

Designed for the user

The visible Q-code/Port 80 LED on the rear panel displays the hardware boot up process, security phase, operating system phase and etc., lets users easily check system status at any time without opening the chassis. The rear power, message, location, HDD Active LED lets the users check the server’s status easily which saves time and effort. M.2, another choice of operating system drive type offers a space-saving independent OS space. Also, the exclusive tool-less rail kit design helps the MIS personnel to deploy the servers in an easy and simple way.

Highly-modular design for ultimate convenience

RS720Q-E8-RS12 utilizes has been engineered for ultimate convenience, with a highly-modular design. Hot-swappable hard drives and power supplies combine with hot-pluggable nodes for effortless replacement and uninterrupted service. Each node has its own front panel for independent operation and caretaking.

Behind the Design

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