RS720-E8-RS24-ECP is a 2U rack server that’s perfectly built for high-capacity storage with extreme computingperformance. With M.2 slot and two rear hot-swappable 2.5-inch SSD bays forconvenient operating system (OS) installation and engineered with premiumcomponents for premium efficiency, RS720-E8-RS24-ECP is ideal for datacentersand other enterprise applications.

High Speed 2U storagecapacity and additional OS kernal disk

RS720-E8-RS24-ECPis equipped with 24 SAS/SATA 2.5-inch drive bays. The hot-swappable designprovides non-stop high availability, making short work of maintenance. RS720-E8-RS24-ECPalso offers great freedom when it comes to the choice of operating system drivetype and placement, with M.2 slot and two rear hot-swappable 2.5-inch SSD bays available.And because 2.5-inch drive bays offer faster transferring rate, RS720-E8-RS24-ECPis ideal for data analytics, cloud computing, data management, andbusiness-critical workloads.

5 Expansions

RS720-E8-RS24-ECPhas high expandability with five expansion slots meeting the demands of futureexpansion. There are three PCI-E x16 slot (Gen3 x16 link), one PCI-E x8 slot (Gen3x8 link), and one PCI-E x8 slot (Gen3 x4 link). This flexible expansion offersdiverse applications in storage and networking to meet the demands of futureexpansion and high scalability in a 2U case. ASUS PIKE II and ASUS 10G LAN cardare also available for diverse applications.

ASUS PIKE II & 12GSAS Integration

ASUS PIKE II offers the latest 12Gb/s SAS togetherwith PCI-E 3.0 solution. While ASUS latest 12Gb/s SAS doubles the data raterunning at twice the speed of the previous generation, PCI-E 3.0 offers highreliability and faster speed connection. ASUS PIKE II meets user needs withsupport for 6Gb/s SATA and 12Gb/s SAS storage and integrated RAID dataprotection. Just placing the PIKE II card can immediately enlarge the capacity,improve the performance, and strengthen the signaling, making it the greatupgrade option. Additionally, multiple HBAs allow multi-paths which improve overperformance.

Advanced cooling

Thereare two groups of fans and each group has two fans. One group of fans isdedicatedly for CPUs and the fans change the speed accordingly to meetdifferent demands. The other group is dedicatedly for the rest of serverboard.In this way, RS720-E8-RS24-ECP offers excellent thermal solution, heatdissipation and energy savings. It’s even possible to adjust the fan speedmanually, so you have flexible choice to meet different working environment.

Premium components for premium efficiency

RS720-E8-RS24-ECPbenefits from premium components hand-chosen and carefully arranged by ASUSengineers to provide premium efficiency. With ASUS Beat Thermal Chokes, Dr. MOSand 1+1 Redundant 800W 80 PLUS CRPS Platinum power supplies, it delivers greatdurability and up to 94% power efficiency. The 1+1 power supply design allowsthe server to keep working even if one power supply requires maintenance,enabling uninterrupted operation.

Complete Remote Server Management

Withthe Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0-compliant ASMB8-iKVMmodule in RS720-E8-RS24-ECP, you’ll be able to monitor, control and manage theserver remotely. ASUS Server Web-based Management (ASWM) Enterprise has asimple and intuitive web-based graphical user interface. Save time and effortby flashing the BIOS remotely, use the new screen-recording function for quickand easy trouble-shooting and exploit the many efficiency benefits ofone-to-many centralized management afforded by ASWM Enterprise.

Behind the Design

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