RS500-E8-PS4 is a 1U rack server that delivers extreme computing power, high memory and storage capacity, as well as highly-flexible expandability. Engineered with premium components throughout, RS500-E8-PS4 provides high dependability and exceptional efficiency levels, making it ideal for datacenter deployment, and both small and medium business applications.

High-efficiency cooling and lower power consumption

RS500-E8-PS4 internal layout is optimized for rack-mounted configurations, with optimized fan speed control and an adjustable-fan-curve feature. Advanced air-ducting technology allows RS500-E8-PS4 to work at high operating temperature and with an 80 PLUS Gold power-supply unit (PSU) up to 94% VR efficiency!

2+1 expansion

RS500-E8-PS4 has high expandability with 2+1 expansion slots in a configuration: that means one PCI-E Gen3x16 slot, one PCI-E Gen3x8 slot, plus one PCI-E Gen3x8 slot Mezzanine card for OCP applications, such as the OCP 10Gbit/s LAN card. This flexible expansion offers diverse applications in storage and networking to meeting the demands of future expansion.

Premium components for premium efficiency

RS500-E8-PS4 benefits from premium components hand-chosen andcarefully arranged by ASUS engineers to provide premium efficiency. With ASUSBeat Thermal Chokes, Dr. MOS and Single 600W 80PLUS Gold Power Supply, itdelivers great durability and up to 94% power efficiency. The Single 600W80PLUS Gold Power Supply design allows the server to keep working even if onepower supply requires maintenance, enabling uninterrupted operation.RS500-E8-PS4 has durable 12k solid capacitors that are able to withstand up to12,000 hours of high ambient temperatures. These 12K capacitors also boastlower equivalent series resistance (ESR) for increased efficiency and minimalheat generation.

Instant Deployment

RS500-E8-PS4 includes a front-side VGA port, so you’re able to connect a display quickly and easily. RS500-E8-PS4 also benefits from an exclusive tool-less rail kit design, easing deployment for systems administrators for increased efficiency.
The server also carries an asset tag for fast identification. RS500-E8-PS4 also offers great freedom when it comes to the choice of operating system drive type and placement, with both M.2 slot for independent OS available.

Easy Diagnostic and Management

RS500-E8-PS4 has a built-in Q-Code/port 80 LED display LED for simple monitoring of the entire boot process, from the early hardware-awakening stages to the launch of the operating system and beyond. A bright CPU and Memory LED on board lets you check the server’s status instantly. With the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0-compliant ASMB8-iKVM module in RS500-E8-PS4, you’ll be able to monitor, control and manage the server remotely.

Behind the Design

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