• Compact & Space Saving, 15.08” depth increases the density per rack
  • Easy deploy with diagnostic indicator such as Q-code & LED
  • Increase PUE ideal for cold and hot aisle separated of Data Center
  • Quad Intel I210 Server Class GbE delivering high networking bandwidth

Highnetworking connection

RS200-E9-PS2 withquad server-class Intel® LAN controllers, which doubles queues compared toprevious-generation.This is better for virtualizationapplications. In addition, the quad LAN teaming quadruples the networkbandwidth and the failover function ensures uninterrupted network connections.

Diversedisk storage

RS200-E9-PS2 isthe perfect choice for an operating system or application drive, making theserver work as fast as possible. ASUS further furnishes several choices for OSdrive placement, such as M.2 (dual, up to 512GB x 2), SSDcageand SATA DOM. Fordisk storage, it can offer two hot-swap 2.5” SSD bayand twointernal 2.5” SSD bay(optional).

Flexible deployment options in acompact rack form factor

Witha short 15.08” chassis, the RS200-E9-PS2 easily fits in diverse rack cabinet,largely increasing density per rack to save space. In addition, it offers theideal size for IT deployment, which also saves considerable cost when settingup a data center.

Premiumcomponents for powerful efficiency

RS200-E9-PS2 benefitsfrom premium components hand-chosen and carefully arranged by ASUS engineers toprovide premium efficiency. The ASUS exclusive material, which can be used136.9 years ultra longevity at 65℃. With Beat Thermal Choke III,it takes 3℃ lower choke temperatures and reduces powerconsumption.

Comprehensiveremote management

ASUS presents the most completeremote server control, including out of band ASMB8-iKVM (optional) and in-bandASWM Enterprise. Out-of-band ASMB8-iKVM offers LAN management, while in-bandASWM Enterprise provides “one on many” usage. IT professionals don’t have tocheck servers one by one, but instead can use ASWM Enterprise to monitor thestatus of all servers from a friendly graphical user interface.

Behind the Design

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