A Red Barn Computers Desktop Parts and Labor Warranty pertains only to hardware failure. This warranty does not cover maintenance, software, fans, input devices, power supplies nor any issues caused by physical damage or neglect. Peripherals such as monitors, printers and scanners are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. Overclocking voids any and all warranties provided on all parts of the computer.

All parts and labor warranties must be purchased at the time of purchase of the Red Barn Computer and may not be renewed after the computer leaves the premises.

With Red Barn Computers upgrade policy, you have flexibility with the hardware components in your Red Barn computer system*. Within the first three years of your ownership, Red Barn Computers allows you to upgrade any component in your desktop system, up to and including your whole system. Any labor required would be done at NO COST to you and any parts needed will be made available at a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATE. This policy is unique in the computer industry, and gives Red Barn Customers a great way to keep their computers up to date and running at optimal performance.

*Some restrictions do apply. Please call 1-800-796-8809 for details.


3 Year Labor / 2 Year Parts, 4 Year Labor / 3 Year Parts, 5 Year Labor / 4 Year Parts