NVIDIA Tesla A40 (Edu Price Available)


The NVIDIA A40 GPU is an evolutionary leap in performance and multi-workload capabilities from the data center, combining best-in-class professional graphics with powerful compute and AI acceleration to meet today’s design, creative, and scientific challenges. Driving the next generation of virtual workstations and server-based workloads, NVIDIA A40 brings state-of-the-art features for ray-traced rendering, simulation, virtual production, and more to professionals anytime, anywhere.

GPU Memory – 48 GB GDDR6 with error-correcting code (ECC)

GPU Memory Bandwidth – 696 GB/s

Interconnect – NVIDIA NVLink 112.5 GB/s (bidirectional)
PCIe Gen4: 64GB/s

NVLink – 2-way low profile (2-slot)

Display Ports – 3x DisplayPort 1.4*

Max Power Consumption – 300 W