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Shop GPU Servers

Red Barn Technology Group designs enterprise-level GPU servers built on industry-leading platforms and offered in a variety of form factors to meet your complex computing needs. Additionally, we are happy to customize a high performance server solution to meet more demanding customer requirements.

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Shop Storage Servers

Red Barn Technology Group designs storage servers using a carefully selected combination of products to provide our customers with a wide variety of best-in-class storage servers. If you are looking for more than a standalone storage server, Red Barn will work with you to build a storage solution based on popular commercial or open source applications, using a wide selection of hardware to provide the best cloud and scale-out storage solutions that meet demanding HPC, Big Data, and AI requirements.

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Shop Multi-Purpose Servers

Need powerful server options? Check out our wide range of multi-purpose servers — delivering the best and latest technologies. Our servers feature 1-, 2-, 4-, or 8-way options, with expanded memory capacity and the latest multiprocessors from Intel and AMD.

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Shop High Density Servers

Red Barn Technology Group offers a full line of high-density servers that pack more system power into a smaller footprint to provide OPEX savings, while delivering improved performance for highly parallelized workloads such as Financial modeling, weather forecasting, digital rendering, seismic analysis, and many other applications

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Shop Performance Workstations

Our high-end workstations combine the latest in processing capability, with advanced memory, power, and I/O technologies. We deliver a validated, optimized, multi-core platform – in a quiet package. Whether your applications require large amounts of memory, processing power, or graphical rendering capabilities, we’ll work with you to design workstations optimized for your environment and its needs.

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