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GPU Heterogeneous Supercomputing: USAF PlayStation Cluster

The Challenge:

Researchers at the Air Force Research Lab put their theories into action by designing what one senior scientist at the Air Force lab described as “by far and away the largest interactive high-performance computer”, utilizing custom-designed heterogeneous CPU, GPU, and cell broadband processors found in Sony PS3s.

The System:

After months of testing their applications on Red Barn 1U CPU/GPU servers, the Air Force Research Lab set out a list of specifications they needed to best accommodate their applications. The specifications included 2 GPU's, a 10 GbE network to aggregate and communicateth the Playstations, and a QDR InfiniBand network interconnect for the servers, all within a 2U form factor.

Why Red Barn?

In the end, Red Barn was the chosen vendor for this $2 million project because we listened to their needs and when their needs could not be met in the marketplace - we custom-built a server for them based entirely on their space and specification constraints. Partnering with Red Barn from the onset will provide your organization with an invaluable asset. Potential users of GPU computing will benefit from our experience in helping to determine the optimal CPU/GPU configuration. Much like we did with the Air Force, we will work with our clients during every step from concept to completion to help ensure every objective is met.

Our aim is to facilitate your research agenda and provide the ideal balance between cost of ownership and performance in order to provide companies and research entities the tools needed to achieve their objectives.