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Founded in 1996, Red Barn Technology Group (RBTG) has become a leader in High Performance Computing solutions for research institutions, industry, and academia. Our expertise gives us the unique ability to offer complete solutions encompassing all aspects of HPC — including a wide array of custom Linux and open architecture server and storage solutions.

RBTG has an unending commitment to quality, in regard to both products and services. We are detail-oriented and customer-centric in our approach. We are enthusiastic and competent and look forward to meeting your needs with tenacity and professionalism. RBTG has enabled research since 1996 and is proud to have earned the distinction of being an Intel Platinum Technology Provider and an NVIDIA Preferred Solution Provider.

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The philosophy of Red Barn Technology Group is purist in nature. We believe in open source applications, and that the use of industry-standard non-proprietary hardware yields at least two main benefits — cost savings and increased performance. Our goal is to provide reliable, scalable solutions with the lowest possible cost of ownership to the customer. This simple philosophy has propelled our growth within the HPC industry for over 20 years.


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